• Meet and Greets: A time when RDSF families can gather on a regular basis to connect, play, and celebrate.
  • RDSF Online: An active, virtual presence so that members are never alone.
    • Facebook - www.facebook.com/raisingDS
    • Twitter - @raisingDS
    • Instagram - raising.ds
    • eMail: raisingds@gmail.com
  • RDSF Ambassadors: RDSF parents welcome and extend support to parents receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis whether prenatally, at birth, or later in their child's life.
  • Mentors: Connecting BTDT (Been there, done that) parents with new parents so they have someone to talk to, ask questions, and receive support as they go through the many unique challenges and emotions that are inherent in raising children with Down syndrome.
  • Scholarships: Financial assistance and partial sponsorships to help families pay for evaluations, seminars, therapies, lessons, and other valuable services, programs or equipment needed to help our children achieve their maximum potential.
  • Lending Library: A resource where RDSF lends books, videos, and hopefully even therapeutic tools and equipment to our members to help them explore different options in a more cost-effective way.
  • Medical Outreach: RDSF will provide local hospitals and doctors' offices with current information about Down syndrome and establishes a dialogue with medical professionals to help eliminate misinformation and improve understanding about our kids' needs, capabilities, and potential.
  • Community Outreach: RDSF will engage local businesses to create more opportunities for our children to learn, train, and work. We also strive to make the RDSF family a welcome presence and contributor to the Pinellas area community.
  • Ds United: Establish critical partnerships between RDSF and other Ds organizations to share workshops and local programs to enable our local families to participate in more opportunities.


To achieve these goals, RDSF hopes to establish regular meetings and newsletters, programs such as scholarships for lessons, therapeutic services and equipment, and other valuable opportunities; a lending library, mentor matching for new Ds parents, education and outreach for medical institutions, partnering and advocating with local businesses, and so much more!